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Clément Pelisson is a french set designer based in Paris and Marseille, France, who has always nurtured an obsession for spaces and stagings. He was born in the Paris suburbs where he grew up in a household designed by communist architects Renée Gailhoustet and Jean Renaudie. At a very young age, Clément thought that triangle floor plans and lacks of doors were standards. This environment led him to interior design and in-house scenography for Givenchy Parfums and Paco Rabanne, before he launched his studio. Then, he picked the name accoudoir (armrest, in French) to highlight the oddity he puts carefully into his works for major brands like Hermès, Pangaia and Jean Paul Gaultier, and magazines such as Vogue Portugal, L’Officiel Italia, The Greatest and Madame Figaro.

Represented by Solange Talents

Agents: Dorothée Lemaitre, Mathilde Bonche





Fonts: Helvetica, Millimetre by Jérémy Landes on

Portrait: Julia Andréone

© Clément Pelisson 2023

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